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How to obtain a trade license in Bangladesh | Trade License cost in Bangladesh

At present Dhaka City Corporation is divided into two parts, One of which is North-South. Any person or organization must obtain a trade license before starting a business. The registration process is explained step-by-step below.

Select the Business Area and Collect Application FormĀ 

First you need to select your business operation area and find out which city corporation it falls under. Then apply to the specified city corporation office.Depending on the type of business, Dhaka City Corporation issues two types of trade licenses. In order to set up a commercial firm, you must collect K-form and for setting up a manufacturing company, you must collect I-form. First, contact the Licensing Officer in charge of the City Corporation.Then collect the form and fill it as required. After completing the form you must submit it to the local ward commissioner for verification.

Documents required for obtaining a trade license

Pre-Registration Documents

An applicant needs the following documents:

  • Copy of National ID card (NID) of the entrepreneur.
  • Three (3) Passport size Photograph.
  • Copy of Passport (in case of Foreigner).
  • Necessary Information to fill up the Form.
  • Holding Tax payment receipt.
  • Recent receipt (papers) or ownership proof.
  • 3 copies Passport size photos of the business holder (attested).
  • A non-judicial stamp of Tk. 150/- for abiding rules of city Corporation.
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association (for Limited Company).
  • Agreement of partnership (If he / she has a partner).
  • TIN Certificate of Individual and entity.
  • Certificate of Incorporation (For Limited Company) .
  • Statement of Bank Solvency (Full Clearance).
  • Work Permit from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).
  • License from Fire service & Civil Defence (Applicable for Industry).

Collect License Book after inspection of Licensing Supervisor (LS)

After submitting the application, the License Supervisor (LS) will usually visit your business to verify the information you have provided.

Completing verification of Licensing Supervisor, you will need to go to the Dhaka City Corporation office to pay the pre-determined fee and you will collect your trade license. The fee will be determined in which category you have applied for the trade license. You must pay a signboard fee when you collect the trade license. Signboards will be fee for all types of business 30% of the trade license fee.

Fill Up the Deposit Slip of Trade License

You will be given a deposit slip with the license. You must renew your trade license within 30th June of the year.

Pay Renewal Fee at Sonali Bank.

Your trade license will be automatically renewed as soon as you deposit the renewal fee to Sonali Bank.

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