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Registration Of Partnership Business In Bangladesh Is All You Need To Know

A Partnership Firm is formed under the provision of the Partnership Act 1932. RJSC (The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms) is the sole authority to Register Partnership Firm in Bangladesh. 

A partnership firm can be registered by sending an application in Form No. 1. Along with the form, the requisite fee and a true copy of the partnership deed also needs to be sent to the Registrar. Such an application needs to be filed with the Registrar of Firms of the area in which the business is located. Thus, the application must outline:

Application Must Outline:

  1. Firm name and nature of business of the firm
  2. Place or principal place of business
  3. Names of other places where business is undertaken
  4. Date of joining of each partner
  5. Full names and addresses of the partners
  6. Duration of the firm

Further, such an application must be signed by all the partners or agents who are specially authorized to do so on their behalf. Also, it must be sent to the Registrar within a period of one year from the date of formation of the partnership firm.

Members & Management

  • There must be a minimum of 2 partners and maximum of 20 partners.
  • The partners can be natural persons or companies.
  • Unlike private or public limited companies, a partnership in Bangladesh does not have directors, shareholders or secretaries, instead the partners own and run the business.
Partnership Agreement

Partnership Agreement:

Partnership Agreement is well known as Partnership Deed. Usually following terms and conditions are including in a Partnership Deed:

  • Name, Present Address, Permanent Address of the Partner.
  • Name of the Partnership Firm
  • Nature of Business
  • Business Address
  • Duration of Partnership
  • Share of profit taken by each Partner
  • Amount of capital contribution of each partner
  • Terms of Retirement
  • Mode of Management
  • Interest of Borrowings
  • Dissolution of Partnership
Partnership Registration Documents Required In Bangladesh

Partnership Registration Documents Required In Bangladesh:

A partnership firm can be registered at the time of creation or even subsequently. An application should file to the RJSC where the following information should include:

  • Take Name Clearance Certificate of the Partnership Firm
  • Date of Establishment of the Partnership Firm
  • Duration of the Partnership Firm
  • Principal place of business with full Address
  • Joining Date of Partners
  • Particulars of Partners
  • Particulars of Business
  • Application must be submitted on the prescribed Form- I

We are suggesting you register your existing Partnership Firm immediately for avoiding unexpected circumstances. Also if you start a new partnership firm you must be Registration at RJSC in Bangladesh.

After completing partnership registration in Bangladesh to start operating your business you should get the following documents:

  • Trade License
  • TIN Certificate for your newly Registered Partnership Firm.
  • Bank Account
  • VAT Registration Certificate
  • Import Registration Certificate (In case of Import Business)
  • Export Registration Certificate (In case of Export Business)
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